It's OK to touch little girls... if you're TSA that is

TSA frisks a 6 year old girl. No wonder radical Muslims hate you America, it is Federal policy to touch little children. Pedophilia is gross and illegal, except when it's a matter of national security.

Why are American's living in fear of being blown up on an airplane? They must have been sleeping through church every Sunday. If you've been a good Christian, you get to go to heaven when you die. In heaven you don't have to worry about jobs, mortgages, credit scores/debt, status symbols, the price of fuel, or obesity. Either y'all have not been behaving like a good Christian like to pretend to be, or that God has a plan, a reason why your little girl needs to be felt up. How about Option C: embrace Islam. The terrorists have clearly won already. You never know, Islam might not be that bad.

General Electric - Imagination at Work

I'm not the kind who reads the NY Times, but I did stumble upon this article about GE.  General Electric, the largest corporation in America reported $5.1 billion in profits for 2010. Their tax bill from the IRS? Nada. In fact, the IRS is giving GE $3.2 billion in tax credits.

So impressed at their ability at  dodging tax burdens, I reckon that GE definitely lives up to their slogan, "Imagination at Work". Through aggressive lobbying and utilization of complex off-shore shelters, GE doesn't pay taxes anywhere. Their rationale, GE needs tax breaks in order to complete globally.
I'm not even American and this pissed me off! However I'm not sure who I'm angry at. The U.S Gov't for being so useless or at GE and their peers for being greedy capitalists? Some more interesting tidbits from the article:
  • 30% of GE profits are from their lending/financing division, GE Capital. Some argue that GE aren't manufacturers, but an unregulated lender who just happens to make dishwashers and MRI machines...?
  • John Samuels, is the head of GE's tax department, a former official at the U.S Treasury. Jeffrey Immelt, GE's CEO is Obama's liaison on corporate competitiveness and taxes.
  • Not paying taxes has allowed GE stay competitive & profitable, thus continuing to pay dividends to shareholders and rewards executives with grotesque compensation packages. All the while, GE have slashed 20% of their U.S workforce and shipped jobs overseas.   
So why exactly am I required to pay American taxes? I pay taxes and enjoy none of the benefits of an citizen. Americans also hate me because they think I'm here to steal their jobs. My fault, clearly!


Meanwhile, in South Africa...

In a Polish interview, Ninja, the frontman for this South Africa rap trio once said:
"The history of South Africa is: Mandela, District 9, Die Antwoord. Everything else I don't really care about."
 When I first saw this rap crew on Youtube, I thought it was a gag. Then over New Years, someone in Canada told me that he actually went to one of their shows, and they are legit.

Die Antwoord means business people! Yes, they are white trash (Zef, in Afrikaans). Yes, they are a national embarrassment of South Africa. YES, they are totally hilarious. Yes, I would pay money to see them. I find them intriguing, entertaining, absurd, and a bit tragic. If nothing else, I would gladly part with my money so I could go mock them.

They do have some talent. Although I have no idea what they're rapping about, they do make some catchy club tunes. Here's a sample of 2 slick high budget music videos off Youtube:

>Die Antwoord - Enter The Ninja

>Die Antwoord - Evil Boy

Another earlier track worth checking out is, Wat Pomp. Die Antwoord means The Answer in Afrikaans. I see them as the South African the Insane Clown Posse. I'm not sure which question they're the answer too. Mass poverty?  HIV epidemic? Nah, they are the answer to annoying vuvuzelas. No, no, Die Antwoord is the answer to Shaggy's million dollar question, "Fucking magnets, how do they work?"


Satisfaction all weekend long

Being the loner that I am, I spent the majority of last weekend watching beer, fast food, insurance and car commercials on TV at home. Why? I was actually trying to watch me some baseball and gridiron. FAIL

According to the empirical scientific studies conducted by Fox Sports and Wall Street Journal, there are only 14 minutes of real action in a standard MLB baseball game, and a measly 11 minutes of real action in NFL football. Surprised?

When you factor in the 1 hour pregame hype show and the 30 minute postgame analysis, you're pretty much left with absolute garbage on tele the whole weekend.  So unless the Yanks enjoy watching TV advertisement more than actual sport, they really need to shut up about soccer or ice hockey being too boring.   

It doesn't end there. On the following Monday after the weekend, there is an investigation into whether ESPN were putting pressure on professional NFL coaches to call TV timeouts. Just the idea of TV time outs has shattered the little interest I had in the sport before last weekend. From what I can gather from observations, the most exciting part of the NFL is fantasy football, where people are on their iphones all weekend checking how many points they've earned.  Not even Americans find the actual game interesting enough to sit through.

I'm in no way doubting the athletic ability of these players but I've had enough of this boring nonsense they call sport over here. I'll be cruising the web for some hardcore porn this weekend. At least I can get more than 14 minutes of action out of that.


The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire...

Been a long time coming. Time I awoke from my apathy coma and start blogging again.

For those that are not exposed to current events in the U.S, this story made me choke on my breakfast when I heard it a few days ago.

Basically, some bloke living in a small town in Tennessee called 911 because his house was burning down. The town was too small/remote to have it's own fire brigade. He forgot to pay the $75 fee for fire protection from a neighbouring county. The firefighters arrive at the scene and pretty much refused to put out the fire, choosing to stand around and watch the house burn to the ground instead. The bloke tried to pay the $75 on the spot, but they refused to accept any form of payment. And just to rub it in, the fire brigade helped the neighbours who remembered to pay the fee to keep the fire from spreading to their property. WTF?!  The bloke lost his dogs in the burning house. What if a person was trapped inside? Would the county firemen be accessories to murder?

The firemen allegedly said that they were just following orders. No money, no service. The majority of mainstream American media blame the bureaucrats, the people in charge of the system, privatization, tax cuts, etc. Yes, the system has failed, but I think the firemen are in the wrong and should shoulder the blame too.  Furthermore, the victims of the fire are portrayed of deadbeats because they didn't pay. So much for the goodwill and Christian values that they keep preaching about in the South.

This is the kind of B.S that goes on in America. I'm pretty disturbed that something like this even happened.  The story got maybe 2 days of coverage before the focus shifted back to the issues that have dominated mainstream American consciousness for the past 12 months: Obama's overspending, border security and some Mosque in NYC.  Why is it that everyone except for Americans recognize that their society is going down the shitter? 

Money can be used to justify just about anything in America. I find that R-E-V-O-L-T-I-N-G.


Sporno... where sports meets porno

Sometimes, there is just way too much gay tension in professional sports. Judging from the Sporno blog submissions, soccer/football is the way to go if you're looking for some man love while playing sport.
If you're in for a laugh, check out Sporno, where professional athletes come to appreciate one another. It's totally safe for work too.

The rest of The Spoiler sports blog is worth a read too. It's a footy blog from the UK.


Wat Rong Khun: Temple of Heaven and Earth

I came across some photos on the web of this unique temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand. I haven't been to Thailand since I was a child, but when I do eventually head back there, I'll make a point to travel up to Chiang Rai to visit the temple and see for myself. From the photos, it looks like a very intriguing place.  The temple is mostly white, none of that over blown gold stuff. Another point of difference is that the overall intricate architechture is the focal point instead of giant Bhudda statues.  I'd be doubly excited to visit if I was a worshiping Bhuddist.

Read up more about Wat Rong Khun on Wikipedia. If too lazy to Flikr/Google it you can scope out some more photos from tourism sites and people's travel blogs here: [1] , [2] , [3].


VicRoads, don't be a dickhead

VicRoads (The transportation authority of Victoria in Australia) recently put up a series of "viral" Youtube vids to promote safe driving. Problem is, I reckon it reinforces negative stereotypes more than it promotes safe driving.

According to Tim Pallas, the Victorian Roads Minister,The Victorian Government are standing by these ads because they claim that this campaigne allows them to successfully grab the attention of their target audience, teenage drivers. Mr. Pallas suggests that, shocking language and stereotypes are necessary in order to communicate with teenagers.

Well, Mr. Pallas, do you think all Victorian teens are a bunch of idiots? Do you think so highly of the intellectual capacity of Victorian youth because of the stellar education they receive from the Victorian education system? Is the promulgating the bullying of gingers, emos and asians a fair price to pay for saving lives on the road?

When you put something on the internet, the whole world is going to see it (except for China), not just the dickhead, party-crashing Victorian teens. Stop trying to show off just how backward your country is, and start realising that there is no way you can eliminate hoon culture as long as adult bogan behaviour is celebrated.


Bank of Nikolai

The only time that I've hung out with Eastern Europeans was during my year in Key West, FL. This little commercial totally reminds me of the characters that I've met down there while slaving for the Hyatt Corporation, enjoy.